Unlike all hoverboards in the market, CoolWheel is the first and the only hoverboard manufactured in Malaysia.

  • Made of the highest quality components
  • Carefully and slowly assembled
  • Fully tested in Malaysia
  • Fast, hassle-free, and reliable warranty service by the hoverboard Malaysia manufacturer (CoolWheel)
  • The hoverboard battery is the most crucial part of the electric scooter, and CoolWheel runs extra miles to test and calibrate each and every battery, to ensure safety and maximum performance


**China-made hoverboards are built with defects due to mass production (>2000 units per day) with sampling QC or NO QC.
**To eliminate all the above defects, full in-depth QC steps are required. Minimum QC time is at least 5 hours per unit. It is impossible for the China factory.

Buying a CoolWheel hoverboard will SAVE you tons of defect problems and worries because each hoverboard was carefully tested by our engineers in Malaysia including

  • Battery capacity test
  • Battery calibration
  • Battery aging test
  • Balancing tuning calibration
  • Screws check
  • Charger aging test
  • Ride test
  • Motor positioning check

**CoolWheel is able to run all the tests because we only produce at most 5 units of hoverboards per day. Quality is the most concern instead of Quantity.

NOW with onsite warranty pickup service!

CoolWheel Malaysia

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