About Us

CoolWheel hoverboard malaysia hoverboard ride in Sirim Tech fair 2017

CoolWheel is a hoverboard trademark in Malaysia by CONCEPT FOR ALL (MA0168403-H). The company was founded in 2012, and CoolWheel was established in 2015. 


Our story begin from 2015, during the rise of Hoverboard. The founder, Alans, who is an entrepreneur and a master degree graduate from manufacturing engineering, decided to start an important role in the hoverboard market. He started the CoolWheel brand in Malaysia and fly to the major hoverboard factories in China, to get the best quality product. However, no matter how good is the factory, the hoverboard is always come with defect due to mass production.
He started this brand with an ambition to bring premium quality product to Malaysian, but it seems that this is impossible with the China made product. At the end of 2015, we finally link up to all of the top component manufacturers in China, and created our personal work flow, In-Depth QC, assembly line in Malaysia.
Starting from Zero is the pain in ass, especially we are located in Malaysia, 3000km away from all the supplies and tech in China. Any defect on arrival cannot be returned due to high returning cost. We have to either resolve the defect or pay the lost. The funny part is, most of the defects we found are not recognize by the China factories. For example, pedal delay off, overpower syndrome, sudden cut off, engine cut off, Bluetooth noise, etc. When we ask them for advice, it seems that ourselves are the “defect” because they never heard of them. We always been treated as Alien to them because we speak defect more than placing order.
Since we got no tech backup at all, we were going through the hard way. We do R&D on every defect and resolve them one by one. Fortunately, we are able to resolve every single defect and create our own SOP and In-Depth QC to prevent the defects. After a few years of experience, if you were to bring a hoverboard defect and ask us, we are confident to describe it from atom level up to galaxy.
Now, all CoolWheel are assembled in Malaysia more like a custom made hoverboard, with 0 defect. We are proud that we are able to provide Premium hoverboard from Zero.