Apps - TaoTao Support

Apps Support is a new feature in CoolWheel 1S and CoolWheel 2S Hoverboard models.

It is available for download from Apple Apps Store and Android Play Store.

To download the Apps, please visit this page by using your phone, and click on the following download links:


Download for iPhone

Download for iPad


Download from Google Play Store

Download for Andriod

Note: Apps is connect through TaoTao Apps via Bluetooth, please make sure your phone Bluetooth is turned on before using the Apps.  

Please also be noted that Apps connection is not through the phone setting (like connecting the Bluetooth Speaker), but it is through the Apps > Connection page

For Bluetooth speaker, it is connect using the setting of your phone, just like a normal Bluetooth connection. The default name of this Bluetooth speaker is "BLUETOOTH".


What it does?

It use to monitor, and adjust the setting of the hoverboard, to suit the personal play style.

It enabled wide of users from kids to adults to ride the hoverboard without shaking. It gives the flexibility to set the sensivity and turning force that suit to the rider weight.


The apps is simple, come with 3 pages; that are setting page, monitoring page, and connection page.

By default, you will start with the monitoring page when you enter the apps.

Click the connection button to enter the connection page.

Then, click on the device name (by default is TaoTao), and wait for password request to pop up.

Enter the device password and hit "OK" (default password is 000000).

Click Monitoring button to enter monitoring page.

In this page, you can monitor your

  1. Riding speed
  2. Mileage
  3. Total Mileage
  4. Real time current drainage
  5. Battery level
  6. Mainboard Temperature
  7. Lock/Unlock device (need to get off board first)

Click on "Setting" to enter setting page. You need to get off board in order to edit the setting.

In this page, you can:

  1. Rename your device
  2. Change Password
  3. Track your location (your phone location on map not the Self Balancing Scooter, phone must have location service turned on)
  4. Set top speed (6km/h up to 18km/h)
  5. Set driving force (force to turn the Self Balancing Scooter when you move your foot, 1 to 6 levels)
  6. Set steering sentivity (the foot movement amount corresponding to the driving force)
  7. Display hardware and software version
  8. Display self check info
  9. Set the device auto shut down timer when not in use