Hoverboard Myths

Top 8 Hoverboard Myths


1) Sellers: Our charger can super charge the hoverboard in 1 hour

It is a false advertising. The charging current of 18650 battery cells are rated at 2.0A maximum. If the charging current is higher than this, the battery could explode.

But how come they charge faster? It is not faster in charging, in fact, the battery is half cell pack (only 10 working cells) or low grade China battery with 50% or even lower capacity. Half capacity, half the charging time.


2) Sellers: Our Samsung battery is 100% GUARANTEE Genuine!

How are you sure about it? Seller: I can show you the battery pack label or cells marking...

Lolz, the label is printable, and the cell packaging can be purchased easily from online in China, nothing illegal or secret about it in China.

Most Samsung batteries in the hoverboard market is made of the China battery, which means Fake Samsung battery.

We have tested more than 20 different Samsung Battery packs, all claim to be genuine, but only 1 of them is genuine.


3) China battery just the same as Korea battery

Do you think that you can get the performance of BMW on a Kancil? No...

The purpose of China battery is for cost saving, by using cheaper material and lower technology, similar to Kancil, it is for low cost driving, not for performance wise. In fact, China hoverboard battery always come in 60-70% of it's stated capacity only.

China battery also have in high grade, such as those used in top branded cellphones, but their price is not come in cheap. It could be more expensive than the Korea battery.

RM1 for RM1 quality. You pay lower price, you get lower capacity, that's how the game work.


4) The higher the price, the better quality hoverboard, and vice versa

That's not true. We need to look at the value (price versus quality) instead of price only.

Basically, the hoverboard cost is divided into 2 portions; quality and supply chain cost.

Quality cost: Cost of each component, cost of tests, labor cost, etc.

Supply chain cost: Earning by the manufacturer, distributor, supplier, sellers. Rental, logistic, marketing, etc.

Expensive hoverboard could be higher in supply chain cost such as earning or rental (If located in shopping mall)

Cheap hoverboard could be low in quality cost such as using fake Samsung battery or low grade China battery

CoolWheel has the highest value in the market due to minimum supply chain cost, maximize quality cost, and selling at the lowest price.


5) Seller: Our hoverboard is made in US, and I can sell you at very low price!

Hoverboard components are all made in China, it is possible that the US company import the component into US, assemble in US, just like CoolWheel did in Malaysia. But it is impossible to sell to worldwide at low price.

First, in order to ship to worldwide, the US company need to apply UN certification which cost at least 10k USD.

Second, the shipping cost is at least double the hoverboard cost to Malaysia. FYI, 1kg shipping from US to Malaysia cost about 80USD. The shipping cost of 1 hoverboard could be up to 1000USD (RM4000 for shipping only)

So do you think that the hoverboard is possible to import from US? Yes, if the selling price is above RM5000.

In fact, the "US hoverboard" is made in China, import from China to Malaysia. The brand is from US, but it has nothing to do with the quality. The brand could be rojak brand or an OEM.


6) The bigger the wheel size, the better

This is a misconception. 6.5 inch is the popular size, because it is lighter and look nicer than the bigger wheel. All size wheel are performing the same in the hoverboard

Speed: All wheels can speed more than 13km/h, but the speed are limited by the circuit board for safety purpose.

Weight handling: 6.5 inch wheel can carry 2 adult men without losing the power to move forward or backward.

Power: The output power is depending on your speed, climbing angle, and weight, but not the motor itself.

Differences: bigger wheel is bulky and heavy, but doesn't doing better than smaller wheel. Bigger wheel can overcome slightly higher block or bump, but you won't love to do it. Overcoming block or bump is limited by the user, not the wheel. You need to be confident and experience to overcome it. All wheel size use the same battery, but bigger wheel will consume more battery power than smaller wheel. So the mileage is lesser for big wheel.


7) Seller: Our hoverboard motor is 1000W

Unlike the branded electric appliance such as Daikin air-con, Samsung refrigenerator, etc., the hoverboard motors are not properly rated or tested in China. Every motor factory rate differently without a standard.

You will see 200W, 250W, 350W, 700W, or even 1000W. But this advertising is nothing to do with the motor quality and performance. Basically, every motor work the same because the output power/torque is more than enough for the hoverboard.

You won't feel the difference since the power is limited by the circuit board. The important feature to look for is the efficency. A good motor has higher effiency which can travel longer in one battery charge.

CoolWheel motor features stronger and larger rare earth magnet, to maximize the output power.


8) Seller: CoolWheel is just another China made hoverboard

The components are all made in China, except the battery cells. The assembly process is in Malaysia. The difference between CoolWheel and other hoverboard brands or sellers in the market is that we manufacture for our own brand of product in Malaysia.

We don't purchase the completed unit from China like others doing. With our own manufacturing, we have full control and understanding on the hoverboard, and we are full competent on the product quality.

China made hoverboard always false advertised and come in small and big manufacturing defects. The China manufacturer always change component in the hoverboard without prior notice, and hence, the quality of each unit could be different. 

At the beginning, we do import the complete set from a few famous hoverboard manufacturers in China (We did visit the factories). Everytime the stocks arrive, we found that each unit perform differently even though is from the same batch. We spent at least 3 hours per unit to check, fix small and big issues, re-calibrate, and test to make each unit perfect (we are the perfectionist). We solved a lot of issues by studying and researching the components. Some unsolvable issues by the China factories include pedal delay off, casing cracking sound, hard turning, and balancing were solved by our research.

After a few months of struggling, we decided to be the manufacturer of our brand. This save us a lot of time and cost, and we are able to control everything in the hoverboard. Each CoolWheel is built to perfect, free from small and big headache issue.