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CoolWheel by Concept For All
CoolWheel by Concept For All
DT3634, Jalan Angkasa Nuri 1,
Taman Angkasa Nuri,
76100 Durian Tunggal,
Melaka Malaysia
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10am to 6pm
Monday to Friday

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Why there is a $1 charge on my credit card from PayPal?

Any time credit or debit card is processed by Paypal, your information has to be verified with the card issuer. The credit card industry has a pre-approved method to verify this information - the $1.00 temporary charge (often known as a pre-authorization).

These charges are not permanent, and will never become permanent, though they are absolutely necessary to confirm card information. This is done to ensure the safety and security of every member who uses PayPal services.

The $1.00 charge is released back to your card balance after a period of time determined by the card issuer themselves, not by PayPal.

The $1.00 pre-authorization is automatically release on day five after the charge was placed. Your card issuer may have different policies regarding when they release, however, so you'll want to check with them as to know how long they will remain.


Does my CoolWheel covered in warranty if I live outside of Malaysia?

Yes, but you will need to send your CoolWheel to Malaysia for the warranty.


How do I pay you?

Currently, we only accept payment through PayPal for all online sales. For offline sales, you could do bank transfer/deposit to our company account, Concept For All (Maybank). Please do inquiry us for the bank details here.